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The time of Wrath in Israel and Zion

The time of Wrath in Israel and Zion

A time of wrath is coming upon the whole earth. All nations will be punished for their sins, none will escape. Those nations that escape wrath in this age because of their allegiance with the anti-Christ also known as Assyria will be punished in the next age. The Lord’s vengeance will start with His own people, from the time wrath starts to its end,it will be over five years, (Refer to Calculating the times).

This article looks at the challenges Israel and Zion will go through and focuses mainly on the book of Lamentations though other relevant citing are added. The anti-Christ will be released at the re-unsealing of the second seal, he will be followed by the third horse that represents famine and plague followed by the fourth horse of death and Hades. In those days, truth will not exist and will be replaced by deception thus betrayal will be on the rise. The whole world will suffer the same fate as Israel and Zion. A look at what Israel and Zion will go through will help one understand what is to be expected by Christians who will be left alive and all people in general. Continue reading

Israel not forgotten

Israel not forgotten

Israel remains the beloved of The Beloved of the Lord. Although Israel was abandoned for a while as punishment for their sins and to give the gentiles a chance to know God, Israel is no forgotten.  By the time the Messiah Jesus Christ came, Israel were acting as it was prophesied, many could not understand their time of visitation but those who did were harvested as the first fruits to the Lord from Israel. The prophecies that affected them then, have not yet been fulfilled to completion. As we near the end of this age, these prophesies will be fulfilled and thus Israel will receive their full redemption and be restored in the 1000 year period. Continue reading