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The Seven Trumpets

The 7 Trumpets in the book of Revelation

Trumpet one to four warn of the coming events at the time of wrath and call people to the attention of what is about to happen. Trumpet five and six are the actual events warned in trumpet one to four, while Trumpet Seven is the completion of the judgments decreed upon the earth’s inhabitants for breaking God’s laws. Trumpet seven announces that Jesus Christ has taken back from the enemy the dominion and authority to reign upon the earth.

Note that, the events of the seven seals and the seven trumpets do not necessarily happen in the sequence they are written, for example, the second seal is re-unsealed to release the antiChrist/the red horseman with a sword to take peace from the earth in the fifth Trumpet.This article looks at the events and their meanings as recorded in the trumpets.

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Time of Wrath upon the Earth

The time of wrath

A time of wrath is coming upon the earth. It will be a time like never before since the earth was created and never will there be a time like so again.  It will be a time of God’s vengeance upon the earth for all the sins committed before He brings in a new age of justice and righteousness.  The Lord will fulfill his purpose of vengeance upon the Earth through the anti-Christ, the second horseman who takes peace from the earth. Are you ready for a time when bodies will lie like dung with no one to bury them?  Continue reading